Investor Potential

Why Invest in Mtwapa Luxury Apartments?

Investing is a choice many people make at one point or another, in the hope of bringing wealth to their lives. Whilst there are many investment alternatives such as stocks, bonds and cash, property investment tends to be viewed as one of the safest and easiest options.


Mtwapa Luxury Apartments is priced to attract the middle-income market segment to an area with significant growth and capital appreciation potential.


Mtwapa Luxury Apartments is also expected to attract strong rentals from the growing middle market who will appreciate its lifestyle offering.

Rentals will be further enhanced by the general growth witnessed in Mtwapa peripheral suburbs and the surrounding institutions and organizations.

  • Capital Growth: The value of your property will grow over time and may be extremely beneficial financially if well chosen. Not only will you benefit from steady capital growth, but regular monthly rental returns.
  • A safe investment: This is the only investment market which is not dominated by investors, hence creating a natural buffer in the market. It is also the most forgiving investment; if you purchase the worst house in the area, chances are that its value will still increase over time.
  • Mitigate risk: You can insure your asset against most risks; fire / damage / a tenant leaving, damaging your property or breaking the lease.
  • Anyone can invest: You do not have to possess a vast amount of knowledge, as you may with stocks or opening up a business.
  • Control: Unlike other investments, you are in full control of your property investment; you can make all the decisions and have control over all of your returns.

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